Tru-Line Drafting Services

Structural steel detailing + 3D modeling since 1986
Our commitment to both quality and customer satisfaction has allowed us to remain a leader in a very competitive industry. Our extensive experience in the structural steel detailing industry affords us the ability to work productively and efficiently with both the designers and the fabricators of any project.


  • GREAT NEWS!!! The principals of Tru-Line Drafting are very pleased to announce that Brett Pasloski has been added as a third partner in the business. Brett has been a very consistent performer over the last 15 years and has proven to show the leadership required to succeed in this competitive, fast paced industry. We are extremely excited to see what he can do for our progress well into the future.
    Hard to believe it's been 30 years. Starting on a drafting board in our basements to where we are now with the most advanced 3D software. The drafting boards are long gone but we still strive to maintain the service and commitment to quality that got us this far. We look forward to another 30 years of success with the help of our younger proteges along with Brett Pasloski at the forefront.

  • Tru-Line was recently awarded the third Amazon Tower "Block 20". We look forward to working with the same team for another successful project. Thank you Metals Fabrication Co, Sellen & MKA for your support.

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